Argent Tournament Bug Compilation

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Argent Tournament Bug Compilation

Post by Atina on Tue 6 Nov 2012 - 18:00

Quests - The spear kills the kraken instead of giving credit for using it on him. - when you incapacitate him with the femur you can't loot the toolkit from him when you click on him. - there are 5 or 6 of this quest from different npcs, probably the other ones are not working as well, when you /kiss the frogs while having the buff they don't react to you. - when you chum the water a shark is supposed to come but it doesn't come. - there is no troll where you offer the flowers so no one gives you the Blade of Drak'Mar. - needs more crystals in icecrown, there are currently only 5 while on retail i remember them being scattered all over the place.
I'm not sure but i have the feeling that champion's seals are not in the loot table of this bag which is reward from some of the quests, with 2x drop rate the chance for the seals to drop should be higher than on retail but i have never seen those seals drop from the purse here.
today i got my first seal from a purse hurrah ! Sleep

Neonlight is correct, - doesn't give credit when you defeat your opponent.

Dueling against the npcs is not working as in you click on their dialog option but nothing happens. This leads to not being able to do the quests that require you to duel those npcs and obtain some seals from defeating them.

Achievements - this one cannot be completed because doesn't drop and most likely the whole quest chain for it is screwed up.

If anyone know of bugs i didn't mention here feel free to post them.

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Re: Argent Tournament Bug Compilation

Post by Neonlight on Wed 7 Nov 2012 - 9:45

The Valiant's challenge doesnt work right you have to kill in a duel a npc to continue the quest chain for a title but i kill him and it doesnt complete it!

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