Non-working quests in Outland

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Non-working quests in Outland

Post by Atina on Mon 5 Nov 2012 - 10:52 - doesn't give credit when you input the code into the bomb. - doesn't give credit when you use the rod on the stone. - the mobs are missing from the tomb. - doesn't work at all(sorry i can't find video of it but i can show where and how it's done) - the torch is not burning the corpses and thus can't be completed. - Teribus cannot be attacked when you summon it with the relic.
this is what happens when you engage the mob, it doesn't attack
and this is what happens when you kill him, the corpse moves above you and you can't loot the talon from it - the torch doesn't burn the corpses just like the one quest in Terokkar. - the captive is not moving. - Azaloth is not banished so the item doesn't give credit when you try to free him. - the tabard is not working so when you kill mobs it's not giving credit for the quest. - there is no event doing on when you are transformed into box to give credit for the quest. - the tubers are too far away from the pigs. And i don't know if it will even work if they are closer to each other. - you can't cast anything while his debuff is on you thus can't attack the mob in any way because he is friendly if you don't have the debuff. also it doesn't work at all.
For some odd reason this npc is not giving me his last quests - , , , , i'm not sure why this happens and i couldn't find any information about this. - the dust doesn't give credit when used on the wolves. - the quest item doesn't work. - nothing spawns from the eggs when you click on them. - doesn't work at all. - doesn't work at all. - killing the Falconwings doesn't give buff thus you can't receive the quest objectives. - placing the totem on the corpse of Gorgrom gives no credit for the quest. - there is dialog option on the mob but doesn't give credit when i click all of it. - the signal doesn't work and there are some weird floating "?" all over the place without you being able to click on them. - the problem here is that the serpents are not casting any lightnings so i don't know if the part with absorbing works at all. - the npc is not moving. - when you use the quest item it zaps but the the mob cannot be attacked. - the quest item you are provided with doesn't extract the elemental power from the mobs. - when you place the blade, nothing happens. - when you place the hat nothing happens. - when you place the book nothing happens. - when you place the mantle nothing happens. - the quest item doesn't give credit when used. - unable to return the quest to the npc even though the quest itself is completed. - the quest item doesn't give credit when used on the talbuks. - nothing happens when you put the 5 gases in the fel reaver. - there is no dialog when you try to talk to the captain. - there is no dialog option when you try to talk to him so you can't make him attack you. - the imp is not doing anything so the blood you need to collect doesn't drop. - nothing in this quest works, there is no npc to escort. - the npc is not moving. - the mob that appears is friendly and you need to kill him to complete the quest. - the is not being summoned by those arakkoa npcs. - after accepting the quest, nothing happens. - after you start the quest, Akama and Maiev don't come and there is no event to help them enter The Black Temple.

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