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The Oculus

Post by Atina on Sun 4 Nov 2012 - 10:41

This is my favourite dungeon of all times...i think...anyway
There are few issues here which do not affect the completion of the dungeon in general but this place would be way cozier if they were working.
Everything works until you kill the first boss and hop on the drakes.
The achievements for them Ruby Void, Emerald Void and Amber Void are not working. The amber drake has one spell called Temporal Rift, it's not working at all, all it does is channel a beam at the boss and nothing more than that.
There is one major bug with the bosses. You shouldn't be able to engage the last one or the mage one without killing first. When you reach the mage boss, his teleport spell is visually bugged, he teleports to the next platform and appears as if he is still standing on the same platform he was before so you have to go to the next platform and use some aoe to make him teleport to the next one and summon the mobs. There are some problems with the last boss of course. He shouldn't have melee attack, the only attacks he has are spells. The orbs that appear during his Planar Shift are missing.
The loot
The chest that spawns upon Eregos' death doesn't contain this but it will probably be a little tricky to add because of this:
"You will only personally get this item if you got into the dungeon through the random dungeon finder by putting yourself in the queue for a random heroic, it will not drop if you choose to do the Oculus.. You also need to manually loot the chest, it will not go straight to your bag when loot pops up."
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Re: The Oculus

Post by Dawnpd on Sun 4 Nov 2012 - 12:27

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