Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

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Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

Post by Atina on Sun 4 Nov 2012 - 10:18

There are couple of issues with this place, some stuff aren't working properly etc. making this dungeon way harder than it actually is although it is still doable but many players skip it.
First of all one of the mobs. Upon entering the dungeon you walk down on webs and face stairs with spiders on both sides of the stairs. These spiders are fine but the problem is a mob after them.
http://www.wowhead.com/npc=30283#abilities this guy and his ability Aura of Lost Hope. The problem with this aura is it should be activated upon engaging the mob in battle, NOT activated at all times. Due to this happening these mobs aggro the party from 329849328 yards which of course pulls not only them but the group they are in leading to massive pulls of 10 mobs or more and if the party is not geared or smart enough it wipes them. They aggro even through the walls but the strange thing is not all Plague Walkers have this bug. Only the first 2 Plague Walkers actually use this aura Suspect . All the other mobs seem fine though. Let's continue further into the dungeon. We reach the first boss, he hits, casts spells, all is ok. After that comes the caster mobs, the giants, the leapers, and the orbs you use to make the second boss attackable. Aaand we are at the second boss, Prince Taldaram, hi. Take a look at his abilities and especially Conjure Flame Sphere http://www.wowhead.com/npc=29308#abilities
this little spell of his is ridiculously overpowered here. The orbs are capable of killing even icc 25 hc players with one go on them.
"He will cast randomly Conjure Flame Sphere, which spawns a Flame Sphere above his head; the Sphere moves around much like Kael'thas's orbs during the anti-gravity phases, and damages nearby party members for ~300-600 every few seconds. Damage is partially resistable."
What actually happens is that these 4 orbs hit as if they are 20 or something so you can imagine what's the damage, it's not 300-600 from 4 orbs but more like 300-600 from 20 orbs so the damage output is way off the scale. It seems to me as if they also hit 2-3 times per second, not once per second. Other than that it's pretty fine. If your party manages to kill him you can advance through the tunnel behind him to the next part of the dungeon. Full of caster groups everywhere. They are fine. To the left of the stairs there is a path down that leads to the extra boss available only on heroic mode. He has one little bug aswell
http://www.wowhead.com/npc=30258#abilities here he is oh pretty boy isn't he, anyway, look at his abilities, there is one called Mini
- Mini - Applied to nearby players, reducing damage done by 75% and Defense by 500 this debuff reduce damage done by 50% and defense by 500. Lasts until receiving the Potent Fungus buff through destroying a Healthy Mushroom.
- Healthy Mushroom - Buff players in a 3 yard radius after their death with Potent Fungus, removing Mini and increasing damage done by 100% for 2 minutes or until Mini is applied.
He is casting Mini upon engaging the fight which never happened to me on retail. Also when i take a look around i see only poisonous mushrooms everywhere (i'd like to test this boss with some group though, i might be wrong about it)
Let's go further. After you slash your way through the casters you reach Jedoga, she is cool. After her demise you advance to the last boss so excited that you will finally manage to complete this horrific dungeon. And the last boss is where your hopes get crushed like a tomato beneath the wheels of a truck. The mobs in front of the boss are ok.
http://www.wowhead.com/npc=29311 This guy must be one of my favourite bosses on retail due to his encounter. It's simply amazing. You get to fight and kill your own teammates! But this is not like this here.
"At 66% and at 33% of his health left, Herald Volazj will drive all party members insane. forcing them to enter phased instances where each has to kill the Twisted Visages of the "copied" party members. Once one has killed his four Visages, he may help another player. When all have killed, Herald Volazj may be attacked again."
- Insanity - Drive all players in the room to Insanity. During this time, players are phased and can't attack the Herald, but will be forced to fight 4 Twisted Visages. Used at 66% and 33% of Volazj's health left.
Those Twisted Visages are supposed to be copies of all the players in the party NOT including yourself which means there should be total of 4 Visages depending on the amount of players alive in the party. It spawns 5 of them here with all of them hitting for 3k on plate tanks which is not cool at all. They are not copies of the players, they are just some retarded 12k hp mobs hitting like the mobs in icecrown citadel. So you can assume what happens, everything except the tank gets one-shotted Neutral The tank is forced to solo this madness all by himself while his comrades are lying lifeless on the ground.
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