Missing NPC - Zul Gurub

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Missing NPC - Zul Gurub

Post by Stealershamy on Sat 3 Nov 2012 - 16:59

Encounter not scripted.


High Priestess Arlokk is spawned by hitting the gong in her room. She spawns near the entrance to the room in priest form using Shadow Word: Painand standard melee attack. Have your tank get her to the back of theroom near the rest of the group and start the DPS as soon the tankcalls it. You want to end the fight quickly so you're healers don't runout of mana or get killed by her opener.

Immediately upon engaging her, multiple level 60 (non-elite)panthers spawn from cages on each side of the room, about one every 5seconds. Do NOT bother killing the panthers, as they will respawnindefinitely. The panther spawns are stealthed and will path out aroundthe fence towards the back of the room with the big shield on the walland the rest of the raid. Your tanks in the pens will have to gainaggro on the panthers and hold them for the duration of the fight. Haveboth the tanks in the pens pop Bloodrage as the fight begins and standat the inside or end of the fence ready to smack the first panther thatcomes by then. Let the 'pen' tanks keep getting panthers from his cageuntil they can start spamming Demoralizing shouts. Once they do this,they can stop attacking and just stand there, spamming Demo shoutswhich will aggro any panthers spawning in the cage and the others theyare holding. Panther spawns hit for about 30ish on plate, which isn'tmuch but with 20+ panthers attacking it can add up. To neutralize alotof the damage, have the shaman near that tank be in his group and havehim lay Stoneskin totem. The druid can lay some HOTs and whatever elsethey want to do to keep the 'pen' tanks up, but make sure they conservemana for the most part because the fight can be long.

She has the ability to 'mark' someone, which looks like a bigV over their head. This is usually a person with a high amount of aggroand can sometimes be the 'pen' tank or their healers (if that is thecase, have a healer from the back come up and take the spot of themarked healer since the marked healer might die). This mark attractspanthers to the marked person IF they are in LOS (line of sight) of thepanthers. To make sure you don't pull ALL the panthers off the 'pen'tanks, run to the very back of the room with the rest of the raid andpray you haven't already aggroed them. If you did, have all your magesand warlocks AOE the panthers until they are dead. This will make thepanthers respawn from the cages so the tanks can reaggro them. Afterone minute she stealths. She does not attack while stealthed, but shehas a powerful opener that can easily 2-shot clothies and usuallytargets those healing the OTs.

EZ Mode Alliance: Holy Paladins can be placed as Healers forthe Pen Tanks. We use a Druid and Paladin set-up. Paladin "bubbles"remove the mark effect. As such, if the paladin receives the mark,Divine Shield will remove it. If the druid receives the mark, Blessingof Protection will remove it.

Be wary, when she unstealths she WILL 2shot the druid. We havetaken to using a bear form druid or 4th tank if available to stand nextto the druid during the stealthed phase to prevent her from ganking thehealer.


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Re: Missing NPC - Zul Gurub

Post by Atina on Sat 3 Nov 2012 - 17:11

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHfCaqfAzTw here a video of some guy soloing it
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