Non-working quests in Icecrown

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Non-working quests in Icecrown

Post by Atina on Sat 3 Nov 2012 - 15:47 - after accepting the quest there should be an attack on the camp by the scourge and some cannons appear on the towers which you use to kill the scourge's_Abominable!_(Alliance) - when you summon your abomination you don't have any spell bars for it so you can't make it explode and kill the mobs to complete the quest - the gargoyles doesn't grab and drop the mobs after you throw those orbs on them funny quest too Smile - when you use the quest item near the cauldrons nothing happens. - when you use the quest item no barricade appears and also the ephemeral beacons are missing which are used as location to construct the barricades. - the quest item is not dissolving the bones and gives no credit when the item is used on the mobs. - Alumeth cannot be summoned with , it seems his crystal is missing as object but visually it is there so it gives error message that the crystal is missing when you use the remains. - the dummy construction works but when it's placed the flying mobs above you are not reacting to it. (i can't find video of it - basically when you place the dummy on the ground one of those Frostbrood Skytalon comes and grabs it and carries it up after which the dummy explodes and kills the Skytalon and it gives credit for the quest although i'm not sure about the exploding of the dummy part bounce ) - i'm not sure what's bugged here but it seems the whole little camp with the npc needed for this quest is missing or it's invisible or phased or whatever for me. - this quest is pretty easy but this guy cannot be attacked. - the mob you have to kill for the key doesn't drop the key -_-
There are bunch of quests at the shadow vault which are affected by the same bug:'s_Best_Friend

they all require the use of mind controlled which isn't working. - when you click on the npc dialog for the gryphon he doesn't give it. I'm not sure though if hitting the mobs with axe works.
None of the quests given by work, after accepting one of them the boss required for that quest should come from somewhere to the arena presented by some introduction speech much like those arena quests in Nagrand and Zul'Drak. - the item can be used and it places the sword but the mobs are not reacting to it. - the information cannot be beaten out of him, there should be a small dialog after you inflict some damage to him and he gives the information after which you kill him. Also doesn't drop when you loot him.'m_Not_Dead_Yet!_(Alliance) - this is escort quest but the npc stands like a tree -_- can't be completed. - channeling the staff into the altars doesn't destroy them and gives no credit for the quest. - the skeletons that appear when you click on the arms do nothing except hitting for 3 damage.'s_Gone_to_Pieces - the mobs that drop the pieces are missing. - the orb doesn't give control over a lithe stalker to explore the Malykriss. - there is no blood in the water when you kill the mob and using the item gives no credit, collects nothing because there is no blood in the water left by the mob. - after you use the gate Lord-Commander Arete doesn't come through it to question the bishop's spirit so you have no one to give the quest to.

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Re: Non-working quests in Icecrown

Post by Stealershamy on Sat 3 Nov 2012 - 16:29

There are more non-working. I'll take care of em. Smile

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