Non-working quests in The Storm Peaks

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Non-working quests in The Storm Peaks

Post by Atina on Sat 3 Nov 2012 - 14:01 - nothing works here, even the orb is not there to loot it. There should be an event - after you blow the horn the npcs doesn't come to help you and the mob can't be attacked. - the mechagnomes can't be freed, there is no options when you talk to them. - this quest is simple you go to that cave and talk to this dwarf. So i went there and the dwarf was missing so i thought maybe the mobs kill him but after 5 min sitting there he was still missing. I assume the dwarf is not spawned. - this guy. - this quest has the worst bug ever Suspect , when you click on the collar to summon the dog it actually teleports you to dalaran. So i went back to where i clicked the item and the dog was there but it's not doing anything. Also the mob you have to kill doesn't drop that item to summon Brann - when you fire with that gun at the haystacks it doesn't hit it or i have no idea what's wrong because it seems to burn the place it hits.
Also the huge quest line for the sons of hodir includes a lot of not working quests, that include the quests from Thorim who resides atop the Temple of Storms and the quests from Dun Niffelem and the currently not working quest which is shown here
update - i had GM complete cold hearted for me and after doing the following quests i got to the which is bugged, you cannot attack the bears while mounted the quest's mount.
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