Non-working quests in Howling Fjord

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Non-working quests in Howling Fjord

Post by Atina on Thu 1 Nov 2012 - 13:20 - when you take the quest it stars spawning way more mobs than it should but it's ok they are killable it's not a problem. But when the final champion dies and and appears on the ground you can't click on it to loot it. - after you get transported to the spirit world by the quest item nothing happens, there is no event. - this quest is pretty simple, an npc gives you item which you need to return to another npc. For some reason though Lord Irulon Trueblade doesn't accept the item and you can't finish the quest.! - you can spawn the banner but the rest of the quest doesn't work. - can't loot the frog when you click on the critter. - the quest item you are provided with doesn't work.! - this one doesn't work at all, you are supposed to throw firecrackers beneath the bats so they shit themselves and you loot their shit. wtf >.< - the quest item doesn't give credit when you use it near the tablet. - the quest item is not freeing the sisters. - the part "Test Rune of Command" is not working as in no credit is given when you use the rune.

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