Non-working quests in Grizzly Hills

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Non-working quests in Grizzly Hills

Post by Atina on Wed 31 Oct 2012 - 16:55 - this quest made me rage -_- , because it's bugged in a way to make you scream FUC DIS WTF. What should happen is that after using the potion you get teleported to silverpine forest near shadowfang keep's village where you observe some event that had happened many years ago. After it finishes you get teleported back to where you were when you drank the potion. What happens is you get teleported to silverpine forest, there is no event and it DOESN'T TELEPORT YOU BACK TO GRIZZLY HILLS Evil or Very Mad - when using the pole to lure the mustang, it has no effect on it, the mustang should come to you and you be able to mount it and return it to the boy that gives you the quest. - when you use the item it doesn't give . - when you use the shard on the giants it buffs them but gives no credit for the quest. - the only part that doesn't work about this is when you click on the pedestal. The link shows what should happen when you click on it. Image of Loken appears and he says some stuff. - this quest can be explained but it's better to see it in a video Smile,_Mon - when you use the quest item on the mobs they don't return to their mummified bodies so you can't loot from anything therefore the quest can't be done.! - Harrison Jones stands like a tree there and does nothing -_- , you have to escort him to safety but first he goes to that room on the left with fires on the entrance, there some snakes spawn you kill them. - the quest item doesn't burn the mobs. - after you cut your palm with the knife you can't shake hands with the troll when you click on the dialog option on him.
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