Non-working quests in Dragonblight

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Non-working quests in Dragonblight

Post by Atina on Wed 31 Oct 2012 - 15:38 - starts a long quest chain, the quest is bugged, this item you obtain from Captain Emmy Malin gives no credit when used near the big ring in the ground. That probably means that each quest from the quest chain is bugged too because you have to use similar items on other rings like this one for the first quest. - the quest item can't be used where it is supposed to be used. When used at the Bronze Dragonshrine it spawns some sort of npc which you have to protect against some black dragons and eventually a mob that appears to be you from the future appears and tells you some funny text and then the quest should be complete. The follow up quest is similar so i guess it doesn't work aswell -,_Redux . This quest is like reversed the first one. You have to help a mob that is you from the past to protect the hourglass from black dragons. Then you from the past says something funny and the quest should be completed. (little update - you can summon the hourglass but nothing happens past that) - almost all of it works exept that last part,
"At 20%: Dregmar Runebrand yells: Hah! So be it. Blow the horn of a magnataur leader at the ring of torches south of the Blue Dragonshrine. Make peace with your gods... Grom'thar will come.
Runebrand despawns"
The mob just becomes friendly and doesn't complete the quest and doesn't say that last phrase. - the range of the quest item is WAY LOWER than it should be and when used it doesn't do anything, it doesn't make Alystros attack you. - when you talk to the mobs they don't tell you their tales when clicked on the dialog window. It gives no credit towards the quest when you click on their dialog window. - doesn't work at all. What should happen is this - there is a mob near each of the trapped wintergarde villagers, when you kill a mob near one of those villagers, the villager that was closest to it is rescued, it thanks you and runs away which of course should give credit for the quest. (this quest also leads to the HUGE wrathgate quest chain) - not able to loot the quest item from the giant when you click on it ( , - for this quest you call a some sort of vehicle which you control to cut wood from the nearby trees where the harpy mobs are. What's bugged is that you can't use the vehicle. The shredder itself should able to attack the mobs BUT NOT PLAYERS and cut wood from the trees for the quest. - the first time you do this quest you will think HOLY SHIT and you are right this quest is great. But it doesn't work Very Happy. Here what should happen - when you click the orb on that small island a HUGE boss appears in the water below , after which a long dialog starts where it talks to you and instructs you. The wowwiki page shows the dialog. To complete the quest you have to jump in the water when the sea-goddess tells you to.

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