Quest - Decoy!

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Quest - Decoy!

Post by Atina on Sun 28 Oct 2012 - 23:58!
This quest is part of the blue scepter shard quest chain which is part of the ahn'qiraj opening quest chain.
Currently it doesn't work at all, like, at all. The items you are provided with work but the place where you actually do the quest is there just for the beauty of it. You are not able to place the bag of gold at the right spot because it simply doesn't exist, it keeps giving you error messages no matter on which millimeter of the place where the quest is done you try to place it on. Past this i have no idea what works and what doesn't but i know how it should work. Once you are disguised and you place the bag on the ground, a gyrocopter called Doctor Weavil's Flying Machine makes an approach from the east, eventually touching the ground. Doctor Weavil disembarks and walks over to the bag, whereupon the following little monologue takes place:
[58:19]Doctor Weavil says: No hello for your old friend, Narain? Who were you expecting?
[58:25]Doctor Weavil eyes you suspiciously.
[58:27]Doctor Weavil says: So... You thought you could fool me, did you? The greatest criminal mastermind Azeroth has ever known?
[58:35]Doctor Weavil says: I see right through your disguise, . Number Two! Number Two kill!
[58:46]Number Two says: KILL!
immediately after which Number Two, the enormous white-haired gorilla , appears from the gyrocopter and attacks you.
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Re: Quest - Decoy!

Post by Stealershamy on Mon 29 Oct 2012 - 18:32

Re: Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal Quest-line - bugged ques
The quest chain is disabled, it's not likely to be enabled any time soon, or never.

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