Quest: The Nightmare Manifests

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Quest: The Nightmare Manifests

Post by Stealershamy on Sun 28 Oct 2012 - 23:36

This quest is an event to defend Nighthaven from Eranikus and his shades.It is not scripted.First you have to talk with Keeper Remulos, By accepting quest, Remulos will move to Nighthaven (I guess you wont enter new phase because i read it in wowhead normal players who went there for training got attacked by mobs). Meanwhile Nighthaven Defenders Should patrol around village. Remulos will lead you to the edge and Eranikus will be spawned on lake. After a short text event He will fly to Nighthaven and spawn Nightmare Phantasms, in 3-4 waves (many of them). After defeating them with Defenders and Remulos, Eranikus will be attackable and will fight with you, after getting him to low hp, Tyrandee and Priests will appear, Tyrandee will cast a spell and priests will start to fight too. After sometimes Eranikus will be friendly and after another short text-event quest will be completed.

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