Quest - Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer

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Quest - Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer

Post by Atina on Fri 26 Oct 2012 - 9:45
Reading the wowwiki page for it pretty much shows what the quest is like, after accepting it you need to mount a Wooly Mammoth Bull and ride to where Kaw is to kill him:
"The bull is considered a vehicle, your action bars now contain "Mammoth Trample", a 0.25s second cast PBAoE, "Mammoth Charge", a 0.9s cast Charge, and "Thundering Roar" an instant AoE fear, scattering Minions of Kaw in terror. Completing this quest will permanently set Wooly Mammoth Bulls from aggressive to neutral for the player."
What actually happens is that you not only cannot mount the mammoth bull but you cannot attack Kaw at all which leaves you pretty much doomed at completing the quest without any help from higher places tongue
Also this quest is needed to finish a long quest chain which upon completion awards
IF of course you have completing all the other quests Smile
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Re: Quest - Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer

Post by Elune on Fri 26 Oct 2012 - 10:13

This is already fixed, just need to be updated. However, I will notify you when it is implemented. Smile

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