Quest - Grim(oire) Business

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Quest - Grim(oire) Business

Post by Atina on Fri 26 Oct 2012 - 8:11

Here's the link to it on wowwiki
After reading the quest your first expression is that it needs 5 people to be done:
"Vim'gol must be summoned by yourself, and four others, each standing within a different fire ring at his circle. Find Vim'gol's Circle in the mountains, to the northeast, near the Broken Wilds."
I believe someone had missed the patch notes which made this quest possible to do alone, taken from the Ulduar patch 3.1.0:
"The fight event for the "Grim(oire) Business" quest at Vim'gol's Circle in the Blade's Edge Mountains now only requires one character to stand within a fire circle in order to summon Vim'gol the Vile. However, it still takes five characters, one in each of the fire circles, in order to interrupt Vim'gol the Vile's Unholy Growth cast."
This first part is not working when i try to summon him alone, I'm not even sure if it works if 5 people stand in the fire circles. This quest is needed to finish the quest chain to open the dailies for the Ogri'la faction.
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Re: Quest - Grim(oire) Business

Post by The Seeker on Fri 26 Oct 2012 - 13:24

I asked various GMs several times exactly about this quest and all I got from them was "Ogri'la is no more viable, deal with it". That was a really long time ago, I hope they are about to fix it finally.


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