Quest - The Challenge

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Quest - The Challenge

Post by Atina on Fri 26 Oct 2012 - 0:13

This is probably one of those quests in the game i really would like to see fixed since it's needed to get the full set of the sexy dungeon 2 set.
So here is the deal
What i need to do for this quest is go to BRD and in the Ring of Law(that arena event in BRD where announcer comes and calls forth some mobs to kill you and a boss afterwards) put a banner to provoke some special guy to appear and attack me. The banner needs to be placed IN the center of the arena EXACTLY WHEN the announcer appears while targeting the announcer(it's name is High Justice Grimstone) .So instead of the usual mobs and boss fight, some guy named Theldren and bunch of his goons appear to cut you down. After destroying him and his team Theldren himself should drop
What happens now is well... I've been placing the banner at different locations and times but exactly nothing happens, no sign of those mobs i need to kill.
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