For Neolight (Szublime)

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For Neolight (Szublime)

Post by Szublime on Tue 25 Sep 2012 - 17:31

hello , since they closed my apply, i would like to post new one just for NEOLIGHT ( Re: Szublime DK Tank [ACCEPTED]

Post by Neonlight Today at 12:48 pm
I kinda have a bad feeling about this one...Btw my cousin was on the molten server first 25hc so i can check if you made that up mail me the name of the char you raided and i will ask my cousin.If you are telling the truth you have my TU)

... so i would like to show u my Tank on Molten-Wow, actually did server first LK 25 hc with this one .. prooves right below :

armory link :

login ss :
in-game ss :

video :

I prooved my PVP achivements (2700 on Arena Tournament) to Dexteral , only that i have to prove is Retail glad.. but im a bit lazy to pay game card just to take screen shoots... ill try to find old ones..

Regards, Damjan.


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