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Character Information

1.Main Character Name: Lesslavie
2.Race: Draenei
3.Class: Shaman
4.Main spec: PvE, Restoration, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]  
5.Off spec: PvE Elemental, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
-please, for both main and off spec, write which one is for PVP/PVE and put your Glyphs in Link
6.Screenshot of your user-interface(with character window opened, preferably in raid: I deleted wow from my PC when I was with school exam's I just download it again so I don't have any screenshot here.
7.Explain us your main spec rotation, how you manage your abilities in certain situation, what are important facts and on what you should pay extra attention, be detailed: I have already explained why i took spec and some talents. Oke for start i am a keybinder and not backpedaler, I heal using grid+clique and keybinds for those spells like raidsave cd, mana tide, usable trinket and such spells that i dont configure on clique. Have been mostly healing during my play know almost all classes(like disc priest holy priest,paladin druid, and ofcourse shaman). As a shaman i heal like this: Riptide is cast on every CD, chain heal when tehre is raid dmg incoming, lesser healing wave on tank otherwise if there is only 1 person without full health lesser healing wave ofcourse. I use tracking for earth shield in powerauras so i know when it runs out and i can easily refresh(earth shield must be on tanks almost all the time, and earthliving also thats why youc ast stuff on tank even if he is full Very Happy).As a healer you should never truly stop casting if there is no dmg on raid overheal the tank no problem it is heroic dificulty and tanks can get unexpected dmg. Also have been OT with warriors and paladins alot and even druid. Used to know all about rogues cause i loved the class too much( i forgot a bit during my break in playing). Have been dpsing with all classes and i mean ALL ,am not good so much with Druid balance because i havent practiced it a lot.

Player Information

8.Your name, City/Country: Nick burahavor, sahara/The southern desert

9.Tell us your gender(sex) and age: Male, 18 years old

10.Why do you want to join LD: Because i want to get some serious experience in pve, instead of losing my nerves with pugs, which doesnt mean I am a newcommer in that sector and I wanna feel the spirit of the Guild, heard a lot bout it.Oh, and almost forgot, i want some buttsecks on premades.

11.Why do we want you in our guild: Maybe because, I am a healer who know the difference between HC and normal modes in that manner that he will not be dying so easily, healer who knows his job and wont need others to do it for him, Can easily heal any task anounced by Healing asignment although we dont do that yet. A very solid dps that knows how to keep his head in hc mode and not dying on start by something stupid, thus in this guild will make me top dps, because every1 likes to watch their fingers while playing in this guild


12.Give us info about your total Raid Experience so far: FULL experience : NAXX, EOE, OS,TOC,TOGC,ICC25 plus HC, Full experience on all bosses in 25 hc killed all bosses many times except LK hc  but i have more than 200 tries on him. Halion killed on normal and many attempts on hc( cant remember if we did kill him honestly).

-Lone District's raids are on Tuesday (19:30 ST) and on Thursday (19:30 ST)

13.What were your previous guilds and why you got kicked/left them: /

14.How did you hear about our guild: From my friends on the horde side.

15.*Give us a list of other important add-ons that you are using: Dbm, pallypower, X-pearl, Recount.

16.*Have you read [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], and do you agree on respecting them: Yes of course I did, and I agree with them.

17.Is there anyone in guild who can vouch for you: No.

18.Any additional information that you would like to add which was not covered in this application, any suggestion or criticism regarding our application process or any personal info you'd like to share(optional): I am a guy who spend a lot of time on tennis. I play tennis myself and I am a trainer in the tennis club and I also do some cleaning in the club. I am currently in the 8th grade of the groundschool.


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Re: Lesslavie RESTORATION shamy [DECLINED]

Post by Elune on Sun 17 Nov 2013 - 21:50

No screenshot, that name of character doesn't exist when I wanna add you in friends.


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