Icychill's application. [ACCEPTED]

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Icychill's application. [ACCEPTED]

Post by iceboy93 on Mon 4 Nov 2013 - 1:14

Character Information

1.Main Character Name: Icychill
2.Race: Draenei
3.Class: Shaman
4.Main spec: Elemental PVE (Main Spec) I'm using: Glyph of Lava, Glyph of Lightning Bolt, Glyph of Totem of Wrath.
5.Off spec: Enhancement PVE (OS) I'm using: Glyph of Stormstrike, Glyph of Feral Spirit and Glyph of Windfury Weapon.
-please, for both main and off spec, write which one is for PVP/PVE and put your Glyphs in Link
6.Screenshot of your user-interface(with character window opened, preferably in raid: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] I don't have any in raid group, sorry!
7.Explain us your main spec rotation, how you manage your abilities in certain situation, what are important facts and on what you should pay extra attention, be detailed:
Single target:
Well, I am starting with Flame shock, then I am using Elemental Mastery and insta Lava Burst. Then I am spamming Lighting Bolt till LB it's not on CD or I have to refresh Flame Shock.
Things I have to pay attention on:
- Refresh Flame shock when it's about to expire. (After last tick, so I'm not loosing ticks)
- Use Lava Burst always when it's not on CD.
AOE situations:
-Magma Totem and Fire Nova.
-Spamming Chain Lightning like a boss.

Player Information

8.Your name, City/Country: Nikola, Blagoevgrad/Bulgaria. (Yes, I'm Bulgarian! Wink )

9.Tell us your gender(sex) and age: Male, 19y old.

10.Why do you want to join LD: Since this is the best raiding guild on ally side, I have no choice.

11.Why do we want you in our guild: Well, as you can see on the image I've uploaded, I am not well geared. (By the time this will change.) I'm decent player looking for fun. My skill are good and I'm familiar with my class. (Hope you'll allow me to prove that. Wink  )


12.Give us info about your total Raid Experience so far: I'm playing WoW, since TBC comes out. I've done all istances and dungeons on both TBC and Wotlk. (Of course, pre-TBC ones too.)

-Lone District's raids are on Tuesday (19:30 ST) and on Thursday (19:30 ST) It's not a problem. Smile

13.What were your previous guilds and why you got kicked/left them: Well, "Veni,Vidi,Vici" Molten-WoW Ally guild and "Insomniacs" Evo-WoW Horde guild. I didn't left them. I just get bored and left both servers.

14.How did you hear about our guild: Massive spam on Global channel. (Also from some random spain guys. Damn.. You're famous!)

15.*Give us a list of other important add-ons that you are using: DBM of course.. Also x-pearl, totem timers and more which aren't that important (For an example: Recount, Gear Score and Prat).

16.*Have you read [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], and do you agree on respecting them: Sure! Yes, I do.

17.Is there anyone in guild who can vouch for you: None.

18.Any additional information that you would like to add which was not covered in this application, any suggestion or criticism regarding our application process or any personal info you'd like to share(optional):
Just a simply joke. Smile

He: Honey, that was the end!
She: I've realised it George! Now wipe it off my face! Twisted Evil 

P.S. I'm new player here. I've played here for few days and now I am planning to continue.
- Icychill

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Re: Icychill's application. [ACCEPTED]

Post by le NenchYeee on Mon 4 Nov 2013 - 2:49

'kay, thumbs up. More Bulgarians, FML. :@

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Re: Icychill's application. [ACCEPTED]

Post by Paps on Mon 4 Nov 2013 - 10:04

Gear means nothing, buddy.You seem like a decent guy and you can catch up quickly.Don't disapoint.TU

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Re: Icychill's application. [ACCEPTED]

Post by knocke on Mon 4 Nov 2013 - 10:22

What dorfag said. Razz

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Re: Icychill's application. [ACCEPTED]

Post by bLeyaa on Mon 4 Nov 2013 - 11:06

What massive spam on Global channel? :O

Seems fine, decent application.

Thumbs Up.

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Re: Icychill's application. [ACCEPTED]

Post by Elune on Mon 4 Nov 2013 - 12:40


/w Officer in game for ginv.

PS: Change that profile picture please.

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Re: Icychill's application. [ACCEPTED]

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