Raid Rules

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Raid Rules

Post by Elune on Tue 5 Feb 2013 - 23:57


New Schedules:
Grull/Kara 10 - Sunday 19:30 ST

Rule No. 1:
Our [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] is absolute. It is above our Officers and Leaders. Read it and learn it, that is the way items are distributed in our guild.
REMINDER: Read and learn it!

Rule No. 2:
Wiping is main part of raiding. Who cannot handle entire night wiping during progression raid, he should simply NEVER join progression raid.

Rule No. 3:
IMPORTANT ONE: DO NOT FUCKING START RAIDING IF YOU HAVE TO LEAVE BEFORE 00:00 ST! Simple as that. We will always ask before raid "Is there anyone who must leave before 00:00 ST?". If you want to stay in guild, then respect this rule and notify us that you need to leave earlier. (Plug pulling won't work on us).

Rule No. 4:
If you do not know how to play your class to full extent, be sure to ask Elune or any other officer for help. We will all gladly show you EVERYTHING you need to know, from rotation to UI and bindings.
Do not feel embarrassed or ashamed that you do not know something. We all started playing game before, and trust me noone was worst noob then me. So, please, do not be afraid to ask questions, it will just help you.

Rule No. 5:
Raid starts at 19:30 ST and ending at 00:00 ST.
This means that you need to be ready for raid at 19:00 ST!

More info will be updated.

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