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TBC Raids

Post by Atina on Thu 20 Dec 2012 - 14:57

I'll start by mentioning the TBC raids starting from the lowest tier - Karazhan, Magtheridon's Lair, Gruul's Lair, Tempest Keep:The Eye, Serpentshrine Cavern, Zul'aman, Hyjal Summit, Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau.
Karazhan - Attumen the Huntsman disappears when he spawns at 95% of his horse's hp instead of starting to attack. Chess Event - the Echo of Medivh is not offering option to start the chess event so i don't know if it even works. Netherspite - someone told me the portals aren't working but i don't know how the fight is. Nightbane - there is no urn on the terrace to summon him.
Magtheridon's Lair - beside the fact that the Hellfire Channelers should attack when attacked and not when you stand close them everything seems fine.
Zul'aman - Harison Jones doesn't start the event to bang the gong to open the door to enter inside the instance.
Hyjal Summit - this part
"If you manage to down Archimonde to 10% hp, he'll run away and start Hand of Death'ing the raid. However, the elves will put a shield on everyone that avoids all damage done. All healing effects and buffs will not work (along with life tap) at this point, and all you have to do is DPS him down."
is messed up, Tyrande is not shielding the raid so it's instant wipe unless you got shitton of dps that can take down 10% of his hp in 1-3 seconds
Black Temple - The Shade of Akama encounter is messy. After you kill the mobs around him that keep him banished he is still unattackable and untargetable thus he can't be killed and the doors to Mother Shahraz won't open if Shade of Akama is not defeated. Those who passed the door with Summoning stone from warlock say that Illidan encounter is bugged, The flames of azzeroth run around with the speed of light and target random people doing tremendous damage to the raid, Reliquary of Souls encounter doesn't start when someone gets near where the essences spawn.
Sunwell Plateau - Kalecgos' portal to Sathrovarr is not appearing. Felmyst's entrance to the field after Brutallus is defeated is not correct and his encounter is fucked up, the timers for some spells are wrong. After Brutallus dies the firewall that blocks the way up is not disappearing. Past this i have no idea what works and what doesn't but i can assume that the shield protecting the raid on Kil'jaeden is missing.

P.S. If anyone wants to add something feel free to do it.
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