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:roll:Character Information:

1.Main Character Name:Hardwar.

3.Race:Night elf.
5.Main spec: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

6.Off spec:There is no.
7.Screenshot of your user-interface(with character window opened, preferably in
: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

8.Do you have Horde Characters and if you have, which ones:i have no.

9.Explain us your main spec rotation, how you manage your abilities in certain
situation, what are important facts and on what you should pay extra
attention, be detailed:
i´m starting with mark of the hunter,rapid fire ............after chimera shit aimed shot..............until powers are agin.them when the boss is with less than 20% of your life use kill shot and them start over with previous CDS.LaughingShockedShockedWhat a Face

Player Information:

10.Your real name and City/Country: DAVID/LA PAZ-BOLIVIA

11.Tell us your gender(sex) and age:Male,16

12.Why are you applying for our guild:Well, i am one of the people who has much attention so i put the attention on your brotherhood which is the best to view and all help as blood brothers that is what i did to make this application.

13.Were you ever in our guild, and if you did, tell us your Character Name and
reason for leaving/getting kicked:I could never do

14.What can we expect from you:I am a player who is very optimistic and helpful i can also help the people who need it

15.How long do you play WoW:2 years

16.Give us info about your total Raid Experience so far:

WOTLK: Icc 10(normal) 10/11-Icc10(heroic)9/11(after the Sindragosa we stopped)25(normal) 10/11.25-(heroic)9/11(the Sindragosa we could not kill) Trial Crusader 25(heroic)7/7 Trial Crusader 25(normal)7/7 Trial Crusader 10(heroic) 7/7-Trial Crusader 10(Normal) 7/7-Voa naxx -Ulduar - I know, but never on this server i arrived as the experience that I have played in the private servers

17.Do you find yourself capable and confident enough to lead our Guild Raids in future:yes

*Can you handle constructive criticism:yes.

-Lone District's raids are on Tuesday (19:30 ST) and on Thursday (19:30 ST)

19.Do you have any conflict with our raid schedules:no.

20.What were your previous guilds and why you got kicked/left them:in this more pew pew why i am green.

21.How did you hear about our guild: everyone knows it's the best
22.Do you have properly installed teamspeak/ventrilo and DBM add-on:Yes

23.*Give us a list of other important add-ons that you are using:DBM.Recount, Doom cooldown pulse,Cooldowns And Grid.

24.Do you understand that as Trial rank, you will have to prove your
self before you can become Guild Member:

25.*Have you read [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], and do you agree on respecting it:Yes

26.*Have you read [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], and do you agree on respecting them:Yes

27.Is there anyone in guild who can vouch for you:There is no.
28.Any additional information that you would like to add which was not covered
in this application, any suggestion or criticism regarding our
application process or any personal info you'd like to
Well i'm bacisly like anyother i can say boy , like to spend ma time with my lovely girlfrend , sometimes go for a drink with frends , now a new schoolyear is starting that will give meh some headaches Razz school like school

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The first tomato yells: Watch out, caaar.... SPLASH!!!
The second tomato yells: Where.... SPLASH!!!


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Thank you for applying, and you can stop trying. We are simply, not interested in getting you as trial. Good luck finding better guild, and guild that will be good for you.

Can you poop?
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