Stair Event rewards

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Stair Event rewards

Post by Mutex on Mon 10 Dec 2012 - 4:15

First 5 players who cling to the top will receive rewards.

1st place:
-30k gold
-22 slot bag
-10 Primordial Saronites
-Orb of Deception

2nd place
-25k Gold
-22 slot bag
-8 Primordial Saronites
-Orb of Deception

3rd place
-20k gold
-5 Primordial Saronites
-Orb of Deceprion

4th place
-15k gold
-3 Primordial Saronites

5th place
-10k gold
-3 Primordial Saronites

In addition, first mage who gets to the top will receive Tome of Polymorph: Turtle.
After 5 participants reach the top of stair event, players will be awarded with 1000 gold
upon their arrival at finish line.

Every Lone District member who reaches top will be awarded with 500 DKPs.


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